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La piscina de La Casina, uno spazio di totale relax


Vista struttura e Jacuzzi ad uso esclusivo degli ospiti


Salento, a refuge for the soul, is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation.

It is a vacation that will leave you with a special memory, of great and beautiful emotions that will remain in your heart.

We are in Alto Salento, where body and spirit find their balance by spending peaceful days in a country rich in traditions and local delights.

Thanks to the excellent cooking skills of the landlady, guests have the opportunity to explore new flavors of traditional Salento cuisine.

Castles, trulli, farms, and typical buildings make vacations a continuous discovery, an endless exploration of the territory.

But these are days dedicated to rest, to absolute idleness. Just a few kilometers from "La Casina", the beach, the cliffs, and the warmth of the sun make the stay special.


And for those who do not want to leave the green park that houses the vacationers, "La Casina da Netta" offers a beautiful saltwater pool and sun loungers for total relaxation. The sound of water creates the perfect notes for a vacation rewarded from the early hours of the morning.



La Casina is located in San Michele Salentino, a culinary gem of Puglia.

The central location of the accommodation facility is a great advantage for those who want to explore the territory.

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